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Permaculture life


Permaculture life

¿Have you ever questioned or thought about your relationship with the world around you and how you can positively contribute to Nature, its Ecosystems?

Based on the pillars of ancient wisdom and enhance by modern knowledge and technology, Permaculture is a comprehensive and transformative transition tool that recognizes that humans are an intrinsic part of nature. And that as a part of nature, we must shift the paradigm, think holistically and design living systems that create interconnected and dynamic relationships where humans and other species and elements can interact harmoniously with each other.

Permaculture principles teach us how to we can:
• Become aware of, and learn how to apply nature’s patterns
• Reconnect with our primal curiosity reconcile our relationship with nature through hands-on experiences and mindful interaction
• Gain practical skills to learn how Integrate land, resources, people and the environment into systems that are mutually beneficial, and produce no-waste
• Build intentional communities and help to cultivate healthy air, soil, water, and ecosystems.
• Value cultural diversity, biodiversity and be sensitive to needs of all living beings

More importantly Permaculture reminds us that we have the power, intelligence, and responsibility to be a part of the protection of our collective home, the Biosphere. Thus, we must learn how to make conscious decisions, create holistic solutions to common problems and work to preserve the integrity of our Earth by seeking restorative justice, stability, peace and healing for all.

Con join us on the co-learning journey and be a part of the r(E)volution!

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