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Our Region: Las Galeras

Surrounded by lush mountains and coastline, the small fishing town of las Galeras, of about 12,000 inhabitants harbours 35% of its territory within nationally protected natural parks, Cabo Samaná & Cabo Cabrón. This enchanting village is located in Samaná province on the tip of the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic and its economy mainly relies on tourism, artisanal fishing and agriculture. The main food staples (plantain, yuca, yam, taro, squash ) are mainly sown by local farmers in small “conucos”, or farms. Additionally, there is local production of coconut, pineapple, passion fruit, mangoes, citrus and avocados; also organic ginger for export.

Tourism activities follow a low-density scheme: small bed and breakfasts, most of which offer a nature-based concept (beaches, mountains, lakes, nature trails, biodiversity, etc.). Las Galeras is still an emerging destination, but we have managed to articulate a community of human beings, most native to the country, and many international residents, who share a dream of a better planet. We fight together for this little corner of the Earth, where we have decided to heal the wounds of the past and create a better present and future.

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