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Fundación Acción Regenerativa


A non-profit organization formed in alliance with Quisqueya Permacultura, Altair Rodriguez from Finca Tierra Negra in La Vega, Dominican Republic and Mauro Rosito from Sitio Arvor (e) Ser in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Accion Regenerativa (AR) seeks to Promote research and development regenerative agriculture, as well as regenerative practices at an environmental, economic, social and cultural level in the Dominican Republic.

Paraguai, Mauro Weber Rosito, Orquidea Susana and Antu Vilches-Cabrera in Las Galeras, Samaná after a visit to Finca La Ciguaya.

Beslí, Altair Rodriguez, Orquidea Susana, Antu Vilches-Cabrera in Finca Tierra Negra, in La Vega, after working intensely on the farm for a few days.

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