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Your donations go a long way. Here’s how you can help us keep the movement alive with your generosity.

Your time is valuable. Get yourself here, pay your way and we’ll make sure you have a job to do that’s worthy of your time. (Coming Soon)

Goods and services: from the A to the Z, to the 1,2,3’s… you never know which tools (chainsaw, weed trimmer, solar panels..) or qualifications (graphic designers, audiovisual technicians, carpenters..) will lend a helping hand. Please don’t feel shy in letting us know how you can lend a helping hand.

Funds always help: We promise your donations will never go to waste. If you have a little extra pocket money, here’s how a small amount can have a big impact:

    • For every (X amount: ) you donate, you can sponsor someone from a marginalized community to take our Introduction to Permaculture course or many of our specialized seminars and  courses. Once  completed, we will make sure to send you a portfolio of their work! Be part of the solution by creating awareness from the ground up!
    • If you feel you can help us grow and would like to make a more sizable contribution, please email us below.  Your generosity would help develop infrastructure needed to make a greater impact.

Subscribe and become a member

  • For a recurring amount of $25 per month (amount TDB), you can receive our monthly newsletter and be part of our month zoom call. You will get un update on the local happenings, our network of events and have faster/easier access to our expertise.
  • For a Premium Membership of $100 per month (amount TBD), you will also receive our newsletter and have access to your own private Zoom call or in-person meeting per month. 


You might not have the time or the funds to join us on our journey yet, but if you have any products, services or projects that might help us build our ecosystem, we are all ears! 


We believe in collaboration and have cross-collaborated with a wide array of people and projects.  With your help we will continue to do so with your help.


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