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CASA Dominicana

CASA Dominicana

“CASA Dominicana” or the Council of Sustainable Settlements of the Dominican Republic, is a network that articulates local independent, personal or collective initiatives that with their actions contribute to the personal, ecological and collective regeneration of the spaces where they live or work. CASA is part of larger networks such as the Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America, or CASA LATINA, which is also a part of the Global Ecovillage Network, GEN. Orquidea was part of its co-founders in 2017 and has served as one of the Council Directives since its beginnings. Today CASA Dominicana articulates more than 20 projects across the Dominican Republic.

Founding members of CASA Dominicana, October 2017

Annual Meeting CASA Dominicana, August 2021 held at one of the members: Perma Chacra´s farm in Guerra, Santo Domingo.

“Convite” a local traditional event celebrated to work collectively, being held by CASA to advance the work at PermaChacra´s homestead and permaculture demostration site.

Quisqueya Permacultura visiting Aldea Ecologica Gaia´s distribution center for AEG CSAmarket in Gazcue, Santo Domingo.

Some of the organizations and people that belong to our community at CASA Dominicana include:

– Aldea Ecológica Gaia, San José de Ocoa
– Eco Batey Afro Taino, El Valle, Sabana de la Mar
– Finca Tierra Negra, Barranca, La Vega
– Cooperativa EcoSalud, Gazcue, Santo Domingo
– Quisqueya Permacultura, Las Galeras, Samaná
– Perma Chacra, Guerra, Santo Domingo
– C-Orgánico, Santo Domingo, DN
– Eco Aldea Tierra Viva, San José de Ocoa
– Permacultura Rep. Dominicana (red social a través de Facebook)
– Finca Rincón de Yuboa, Bonao
– Ecotopía Park, Las Terrenas, Samaná

– La Huertica Urbana, Gazcue, Santo Domingo.
– Buceo Ecológico, Bayahibe
– Frutos Pachamama, El Limón, Samaná
– Tío Tomate & Alberto Cublillas, Matagrande, San José de las Matas.
– Roberto Rodriguez, GC Palo Verde, Santo Domingo
– Miranda Guzman, Villa Pajón, Constanza
– Ondina Sosa, OndiYoga, Las Terrenas, Samaná
– Mercado Organico de Benita Garcia, Santo Domingo, DN.
– Ybelka Gomez, proyecto de vida personal
– Heriberto Encarnación Lara, proyecto de vida personal

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